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DAIR Finance

Multi Asset Trading Platform

DAIR Finance is a turnkey solution that automates operational processes and increase efficiency.

Broker Management ERP

Digital AIR Broker Management ERP can serve a wide range of financial services institutions including Securities Brokers, Commodities Brokers, Investment Services and Hedge Funds.

Market Place Lending

Digital AIR Market Place Lending (MPL) is a fully customizable platform that connects consumers or businesses who seek to borrow money with investors willing to buy or invest in the loan.

Fixed Income Trading

Fixed Income provides an all-to-all institutional fixed income marketplace and compliance to the Financial Instruments Directive.

SCOUT Market Surveillance platform

SCOUT (Surveillance Compliance Observable Unified Tunnel) is a comprehensive trade surveillance platform that helps an organization comply to the state and national trading guidelines such as FINRA, NASD, NYSE.

Health Care

Education & Career Management


The Clinical Trial Platform supports the management of Multiple Sclerosis. Our platform clinically equivalent to gold standard measurements of neurological status collected by healthcare professionals

Clinical Trial Platform

Clinical Diagnostics

CD is a complete clinical diagnostics platform that connects doctors and patients and patients and facilitates disease management.

Growth through education is at your fingertips. Maxwell Academy provides enterprise technology that oversees administration, tracking and delivery of educational and training resources to improve your team's skill management or educational programming.

Maxwell Academy

A streamlined, flexible and efficient solution with powerful search capabilities for candidate sourcing and engagement.

Mobile-optimized online portals for applicants and employers facilitate a smart, flexible and modern recruiting process.

Maxwell Talent






Digicab is a powerful Scalable and fully customizable solution for any Taxi On-Demand business.

Manage all the different loyalty programs and bring them under a single blockchain based solution.

DAIR Loyalty



A comprehensive fully integrated platform with human resource, inventory, sales, accounting, ticketing, admissions and point-of-sale solutions to manage sites such as zoos, museums, aquariums, parks, concerts, conferences and other events.

Maxwell Attract

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